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Zhechem in Canton Fair

November 3, 2021

      The 130th China import and export commodities fair (Canton fair) grand opening on October 15, as a "barometer" and "barometer" of China's foreign trade, the Canton fair is affected by the epidemic recovery offline for the first time after three consecutive terms in the cloud, is also implements the integration online exhibition for the first time a new model. The Canton Fair was led by Wang Fen, deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and general manager of the company, and Huang Yingbo, deputy general manager, with more than 20 salesmen participating. Our company has two booths, displaying a total of more than 100 kinds of products, including fine chemicals, health care products, pharmaceutical preparations, medical supplies, etc.

      On the first day, Zhang Yong, member of the Party Committee and deputy General Manager of the Group, inspected the booth of the Fall Canton Fair of our company to learn about medical consumables, health care products, drug detection reagents, health management products, etc. Mr. Zhang affirmed the efforts made by our company in product upgrading and functional innovation. Among them, the drug detection operation is simple, quick response, can get results in a few minutes, for the global popular new drugs also have the corresponding latest research and development projects and products; Blood glucose meters and other health management products are becoming more convenient and portable with The Times, making it easier for people to understand their own health conditions.

      In order to make full use of the online and offline platforms of Canton Fair, the company selected products suitable for both online and offline exhibition to promote on the basis of adhering to the main business, among which scalp maintenance essence, avocado lipstick, blood glucose meter as featured products. With three sessions of live exhibition experience, our salesman is skilled in "live with goods". More than 30 live broadcasts were arranged online, and participants were also arranged to broadcast simultaneously in offline booths using the online platform of Canton Fair, Douyin and Facebook to fully display the company and brand image.


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